Project Description


QuickRPA ( is an innovative Intelligent Automation suite that empowers seamless bot development using open source technologies. This suite allows bots to be hosted securely on either cloud or on-premise servers, ushering in a new era of operational efficiency. QuickRPA’s user-friendly interface and intelligent capabilities facilitate the creation of human-mimicking bots. These bots act as tireless digital assistants, executing repetitive tasks with precision, thus freeing up human resources for strategic pursuits.


IOT, Web


2 Months


Telco, Finance, Insurance, Health


HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Asp.Net Core, MySQL, Base Stations, BTLE Tag


Our customers encountered challenges in their software development and deployment processes that were impeding their ability to attain efficiency and reliability.

The absence of a versioning and rollback process not only slowed down the development but also raised the risk of introducing bugs and errors into production environments. Additionally the lack of a notification system for deployment pipeline status created a communication gap between the development, testing and operations teams. Moreover our customers faced difficulties in monitoring the performance of EC2 instances leading to downtimes, performance bottlenecks and increased operational overhead due to manual management.


We tackled these automation hurdles head-on, delivering a transformative suite of solutions that revolutionized the client’s operations. Through seamless integration of GitHub Actions, we automated deployment processes, eliminating complex manual steps and enhancing accuracy and speed. We streamlined versioning, enabling transparent tracking of changes, and offering a secure path to revert to stable versions as needed – a safety net during development.

Furthermore, our implementation of an AWS-powered real-time monitoring dashboard provided the client with immediate insights into their automation operations. This interactive dashboard empowered proactive obstacle resolution, performance enhancement, and data-driven decision-making. Our solutions equip clients with the essential tools to excel in automation.