Project Description

ML Training Platform

A robust platform for data scientists to train and feed the machine learning models efficiently. Data scientists can now focus on creating accurate models without worrying about technical details.




2 Months




Java, HTML5, REACT, PHP, Figma, Docker, JIRA


Our customers encountered challenges in their software development and deployment processes that were impeding their ability to attain efficiency and reliability.

The absence of a versioning and rollback process not only slowed down the development but also raised the risk of introducing bugs and errors into production environments. Additionally the lack of a notification system for deployment pipeline status created a communication gap between the development, testing and operations teams. Moreover our customers faced difficulties in monitoring the performance of EC2 instances leading to downtimes, performance bottlenecks and increased operational overhead due to manual management.


The Machine Learning Platform is a groundbreaking solution that offers data scientists an efficient and streamlined approach to tackling complex machine learning challenges.

With this platform, data scientists can effortlessly upload their AI models and training data, and begin the training process. The platform automatically spins off an Amazon server to run the training process, utilizing the uploaded data to train the model. Once the training process is completed, the server is automatically shut down, and the data scientist is promptly notified of the completed model.

This efficient and seamless approach significantly reduces the time and effort required to train complex machine learning models and provides data scientists with the tools they need to excel in their work.