Project Description

luggage tracking system

Luggage Tracking System

An IOT integrated solution for luggage tracking and management for high-end luxury hotels, resulting in faster and accurate retrieval of guests’ luggage during the check-in process.

The customer is a 5-star luxury hotel based in Singapore. The hotel offers gorgeously appointed rooms and suites, museum quality art collection and an elevated Club Lounge experience with panoramic views of the city. The hotel has been recognized with numerous awards for being the gold standard of hospitality.


IOT, Mobile, Web


2 Months




Java, HTML5, REACT, PHP, Figma, Docker, JIRA


Our customers encountered challenges in their software development and deployment processes that were impeding their ability to attain efficiency and reliability.

The absence of a versioning and rollback process not only slowed down the development but also raised the risk of introducing bugs and errors into production environments. Additionally the lack of a notification system for deployment pipeline status created a communication gap between the development, testing and operations teams. Moreover our customers faced difficulties in monitoring the performance of EC2 instances leading to downtimes, performance bottlenecks and increased operational overhead due to manual management.



Drop Positioning Systems – Singapore, our partner company had proprietary e-tags aka BTRE tags. Together, we developed an integrated solution that connected BTRE tags attached to luggages with web and mobile applications for simplified tracking and retrieval of guests’ luggage information and location.

During the check-in process, a new paper barcode (p-tag) is printed and one of the e-tag is attached to the guest’s luggage. The respective information is updated in the web based luggage tracking system, the p-tag is provided to the guest and the bellman moves the luggage to the storage area.

In the storage location, Base Stations are installed. These Base Stations are installed in multiple areas of a hotel where the luggage coverage is to be made. Now, At the time the guest needs to check-in the room, the guest gives the p-tag to the bellboy. The bellboy scans the paper tag in the system. The scanned paper tag detects the electronic tag and sends a flash and beep signal to the storage location. The luggage with that scanned QR code tag lights up and vibrates to alert the bellman. That way, the bellman can easily locate the respective luggage in the storage area and move it to the guest room.

This integrated IOT and Software solution solved the problem of luggage retrieval process from the storage area, thereby improving customer satisfaction during the check-in process.

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